March Lions Club welcomes applications for grant funding from organisations, groups or individuals which will then be used to support public benefit. Applications are up to a maximum of £250.

Each year March Lions Club will allocate a sum of money that will be used to support these applications.

Provided the application is approved, the distribution of the grants will be on a first come – first served basis with the process for that year halted once the overall allocation for the year has been reached.

The application form asks for some straight-forward information about the organization, group or individual and, where possible, a bank account into which, if successful, the grant can be transferred. It also asks for a brief description of the activity/project that the grant will be supporting and how the grant will be used.

If successful, the Lions will expect a brief explanation as to how the grant has been of benefit once it has been used. If not successful, the Lions will offer a brief explanation as to why and, if appropriate, pointers as to possible future successful applications. If you have any questions speak to a member of March Lions Club or Contact Us.