Recycle for Sight

What do you do with your unwanted spectacles?

Why not give them to your local Lions Club? We’ll take them whether they’re complete or broken.

March Lions are happy to collect spectacles that are no longer needed, to be recycled and sent to improve the eyesight of children and adults in other countries.

Simply drop off your spectacles at one of the addresses at the bottom of this page.

Members will collect them, and arrange for them to be sent to one of our recycling centres for sorting.

The spectacles most suitable for recycling are collected, packaged, and sent to Medico Lions Clubs de France in Le Havre for washing and grading.

Lions from Chichester Lions Club sorting spectacles to be sent to France

From there, your old glasses are sent to eye camps in Africa, India and Eastern Europe for people of all ages. Any spectacles that don’t make the grade (or are broken) are recycled for scrap material, which helps to raise funds to support the sorting operation, as well as enabling financial support to be given to eye-related projects around the country.

We also now collect unwanted Hearing Aids and used Hearing Aid Batteries!

Hearing Aids are sent for sorting and refurbishment, before being sent overseas. Adults and children with hearing impairment whose lives have been transformed after receiving recycled hearing equipment live in countries including: Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Senegal, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Lesotho, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Ukraine, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

Hearing Aid Batteries are sent off to be recycled, and the funds raised from this being returned to clubs for them to use to support projects locally, nationally and internationally.

Where Can I Recycle These?

You can leave all these items at the following locations at any time during their opening hours:

Specsavers March

3-5 Broad Street
PE15 8TP

(There is a specific bin for Hearing Aids here)

Spectacular March

10 Broad Street
PE15 8TG

Selby and Taylor March

44 Dartford Road
PE15 8BQ

Selby and Taylor Chatteris

42 High Street
PE16 6BH

Harrison Coley Opticians March

10a Elwyn Road
PE15 9BS

St Peter’s Church March

High Street
PE15 9JR

You can also recycle Hearing Aids at:

March Podiatry

47-49 High Street
PE15 9JJ